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About The K-Method Academy

The K-Method Academy was created to provide the dealership business model with a much needed source of formal and structured training with the emphasis on the core skills, systems and processes the employee needs to know to be effective at their jobs daily.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the tools, training and resources to facilitate the on-going development and continuous education of dealership professionals.

Our Goal

The Academy’s goal is to make training more accessible and affordable for the individual professional looking to improve, as well as organizations looking to implement a professional development initiative for its employees.

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What We Do

K-Method Academy is a Complete Workforce Training Strategy & a powerful Human Resource tool.

This tool promotes continuous learning through its ease of use and flexibility in tailoring training to the unique needs of every employee in every department in your dealership.

Other Training Providers train on One Topic, at One time, and fail to realize that if the learner does not have the pre-knowledge to use their content that they will inevitably fail! The reason is that they are always training out of sequence, and they are always training new people.

This is where K-Method Academy is different; we offer a complete workforce development solution specifically for the dealership business model. You implement this solution once, and then manage your team’s professional development profile for the life of their employment.



Dealership Training

Our training programs are specifically designed to address the unique and complex challenges dealership professionals experience daily. The training consists of courses intended to fill the knowledge gaps that have been preventing them from reaching their full potential, regardless of education, experience or skill level. Learn more

Workshops & Seminars

Our training workshops and seminars are jam packed with real-world content and strategies in order for dealership professionals to be effective in today’s competitive business and selling environment. Participants will leave with their very own action plan based on where they are professionally. Learn more



Coaching & Consulting

Dealership employees are constantly promoted to management positions without the necessary skills to flourish. They are asked to implement programs from the manufacturer without the necessary foreknowledge needed for successful implementation. This is where our coaching and consulting services will prove to be an invaluable resource. Learn more

Your Dealership’s Own Private Training Portal

Unlike most training organizations today, the K-Method Academy delivers its training via a true Learning Management System (LMS). This allows dealerships the ability to implement a real in-house employee development program to achieve truly sustainable results. Managers will finally be able to leverage our technology to assess, assign and deliver training to every member of the team now when the training can do the most good. Learn more

Welcome to the K-Method Academy Hybrid Virtual Training Program

This is not just VIDEO training, but an exciting live interactive training experience with a real trainer streaming through your computer, tablet or smart phone. This powerful training tool is described as Next Level training.

K-Method’s Hybrid Virtual training model offers a 3 Prong Approach to ensure the training sticks!

  • First – The learner does their pre-class work by taking their assigned online course and completing the action plan.
  • Second – They are enrolled in our virtual classroom to interact with the instructor; get questions answered; and participate in
    group activities.
  • Third – They are engaged in Learning Motion™ with their manager when they go back to the sales or department floor. As they implement what they’ve learned under management supervision, they can repeat
    the specific courses they may have had difficulty applying before.
K-Method’s Virtual Model -VS- Traditional Traning
Training schedule that is flexible; meaning it can be delevered when you need it, on your schedule vs Your team has to wait until the program is available or the trainer comes to town.
Our trainers and content are accessible via the web for scheduled Q & A’s vs In traditional training scenarios there is no real mechanism in place to reconnect with the trainer to get questions answered.
All attendees have the ability to get back and review what was covered vs Once the class is done, they’re on their own.
All attendees have the opportunity to retake the specific training until they get it vs Sittin in class all day watching the clock and wondering how to remember all of this information
Because of technology, this is by far the most effective and budget friendly training solution available to access a live trainer ever introduced to the dealership bussiness model vs The enormous expense of travel, lodging and hosting the trainer before their actual training fee is even applied.
Important note about human learning & Retension Statistics: We have short retention span; within 7 days, 50% off what we have learned without repeating is gone!!!

Why Millennials Love the K-Method’s style of virtual training?

  • Millennial’s are the first generation to be born into the technology era. For many of them, tech is a second language, if not their first.
  • They eat, breathe, sleep, live and most importantly, learn on their devices.
  • They scan, learn and absorb information faster than any other generation, and they want their questions answered now.
  • They want a clear pathway to success via information that they test and quantify.
  • They want training that is succinct so they can apply it in real time.
  • Most importantly, they want to interact with others who speak their language and can give them information in a manner that they can use now.

Our Virtual Classroom is the Perfect Tool to bridge the gap between the Old & New!

We’ve designed our site to be user-friendly and our training curriculum to be to-the-point and succinct! We’ve eliminated the fluff that usually comes with traditional training by placing the emphasis on content-rich and process-heavy training courses. Our site is simple to navigate and our content easily searchable. Help is always just a click away so you can find the solutions to solve the problems you’re experiencing now.

This is the next level training designed to be accessible now,
in real time, when the training can be relevant and most useful.

We Want To Be Your Training Partner & Solution Provider

Our mission is to empower & equip dealerships with cutting edge tools and training resources so they can hire, train and develop a more stable and productive workforce.

You Focus on Your Customer….

We Provide The Tools, Resources & Training


Whether You Are New to Sales or a Seasoned Pro, or a Savvy Millennial,

Our Training Will Meet Your Needs, Choose the Program That’s Right For


The Solutions We Provide

New Hire
Customizable Learning Plans
Sales & Mgmt. Training
Continuous Improvement
Coaching & Consulting
Performance Improvement

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New Hire Training:

This program is designed to provide your new employee with the critical core skills that they will need to be effective at their jobs daily. It is meant to complement the other product and internal process training your organization already offers by adding the missing soft & technical skills those programs do not cover but are necessary for the new hires chance of achieving long term success.

Sales & Management Training:

The academy is specifically designed to be an extension of your business. It has been constructed to be placed in the hands of your managers for the ongoing coaching and development of the company’s entire workforce. We at the Academy will train your managers how to use this powerful tool to continually develop their teams as they go to promote constant and never ending improvement.

Customized Learning Plans:

The granular nature of our training courses provide a unique opportunity for managers to improve ‘A Skill’, or ‘A Process’, or even ‘A Behavior’ that needs to be upgraded and the ability to intentionally address it. Learn how to spot performance opportunities and how to use this tool to customize the training based on the unique needs of each member of your team.

Continuous Improvement Training :

Directly impacting the core causes negatively affecting the Key Performance Indicators affecting SSI & CSI scores use to be just a wish & prayer. Well, no more… Learn how to use this robust curriculum to address the specific behaviors and performance issues that are directly impacting the scores that matter most. See how easy it is to customize the training your team receives based on the KPI’s you are tracking. Yes it’s not only possible, but business as usual here at the K-Method Academy.

Coaching & Performance Improvement Training:

Ongoing performance improvement training is key to increasing sales and profits. Our highly specialize training programs will teach your teams how to master the critical skills, systems and processes they need most to be effective at their jobs daily. Our training covers a large range of topics, from Soft Skills, to Business development, to Customer Relationship Strategies, to how to leverage CRM software and so much more.

Consulting & Content Development:

There are times when the training that we provide doesn’t meet the client’s specific needs, and that’s when our abilities to create and deliver custom training content shines. There are times when our consulting services require that we create training tools as a means of ensuring the results we have created will stick. In moments like these our clients appreciate our ability to not just train, but also consult, create and also deliver one off content .

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