A Complete Workforce Training Solution

K-Method offers a variety of learning pathways to help develop a more competent and skilled workforce. Let’s work together to tailor a training solution to fit your organization's unique professional development needs.

Dealership Training

The next generation of automotive salespeople need more than just the ‘road to the sale’ training to succeed! They need structure. They need to learn systems and processes and how to take these strategies outside of the dealership and into their communities to generate business. The K-Method Academy offers training specifically designed to address the knowledge gaps of car salespeople today. Whether it’s skill gap training  or our certification programs, our targeted training programs will teach salespeople the skills they need to succeed. Check out our training courses to see the K-Method difference!
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Workforce Training

Dealerships are having a difficult time finding qualified candidates that possess the critical skill sets to be considered workforce ready for car sales positions. K-Method Academy’s workshops, training courses and skill gap training are offered both on and offline and will teach perspective car salespeople the necessary training they will need to make them workforce ready so they can qualify for these good paying positions. See how the K-Method Academy is educating the next generation of workforce ready automotive sales people.
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Continuing Education

In today’s competitive market place, dealerships and their salespeople are always looking for new strategies to improve their earning potential. Most salespeople realize that the training available in most training programs are repackaged interpretation of outdated strategies. The K-Method Academy offers updated and targeted strategies that teach salespeople how to develop leads, maintain client relationships and manage a sales practice both on and offline. See how our courses can make a difference in your earning ability!
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Skills Gap Training Courses

Skills and Knowledge Gaps are the missing know-how between what salespeople know, and what they need to know to do their jobs correctly.

Dealerships that have salespeople with skill gaps are forced to compensate by adding unnecessary expenses such BDC’s and call centers. These operators are trying to do activities that only salespeople should, and can be doing to develop meaningful relationships that lead to repeat and referral business. The solution is K-Method’s Skills and Knowledge gap coaching courses where training can be customized for the unique developmental needs of each member on the team. Let’s discuss how we can help you tailor a program to address the skills gap affecting your business.

Featured Courses


The purpose of the Jump Start training program is to teach salespeople who are either just starting out, or those who may feel stuck or plateaued, what they need to know, what they need to do, and the strategies they will need to implement to build a successful sales practice. The lessons in this Free training program outlines what the professional development journey looks like from the beginning to end.

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2 Lessons

The learning objective of the Business Development Strategies training program is to teach salespeople the specific skills and strategies they will use to develop multiple lead generating sources. From a comprehensive step by step referral generating strategy, to handling lease and finance maturities, to networking with other professionals and engaging in community outreach programs, this course has just about everything the professional will need to cultivate multiple profitable revenue generating sources.

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7 Lessons

The objective of the Essential People Skills training curriculum is to teach professionals how to increase their communication effectiveness with other people. Each course is designed to teach the professional a specific discipline, skill or process that they will need to know in order to be effective at communicating, interacting and developing relationships with other people.

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6 Lessons