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This is the most advanced training curriculum ever assembled for teaching selling professionals the various strategies they need to know to build, maintain and manage a successful sales practice. This is an intense, yet comprehensive 4 to 6-month training and mentoring program. The training consists of both on and off-line coursework along with virtual coaching sessions. This type of approach is designed to immerse the professional into the type of structured learning experience that will provide them with every opportunity to acquire the knowledge necessary to emerge as a competent selling professional.

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10 Lessons

The learning objective of the Business Development Strategies training program is to teach salespeople the specific skills and strategies they will use to develop multiple lead generating sources. From a comprehensive step by step referral generating strategy, to handling lease and finance maturities, to networking with other professionals and engaging in community outreach programs, this course has just about everything the professional will need to cultivate multiple profitable revenue generating sources.

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3 Lessons

The learning objective of this course is to teach salespeople How to Manage a Sales Practice through the use of predefined systems that will make the activities they engage in to build, maintain, and manage their sales practice more predictable repeatable and track-able. This course is designed to get and keep the professional organized by utilizing a series of structured activities that dictates the salespersons’ daily actions and reactions. It does this by taking the guesswork out of what should be done, and when it should be done so the professional can focus on the other priorities for building a successful sales practice.

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2 Lessons