LP – How to Manage a Sales Practice

The learning objective of this course is to teach salespeople How to Manage a Sales Practice through the use of predefined systems that will make the activities they engage in to build, maintain, and manage their sales practice more predictable repeatable and track-able. This course is designed to get and keep the professional organized by utilizing a series of structured activities that dictates the salespersons’ daily actions and reactions. It does this by taking the guesswork out of what should be done, and when it should be done so the professional can focus on the other priorities for building a successful sales practice.

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About This Training Program

Never has there been a course to teach dealership sales professionals the step by step set of frameworks for how to build, manage and grow a successful sales practice. The How to Manage a Sales Practice training program is packed with strategies that empower salespeople to take full control of their earning potential and their careers. They will learn how to implement K-Method’s 5 critical systems that they will use in combination to keep their business organized; interact with clients from different lead sources; deal with difficult or unresponsive prospects; turn current clients into future sales; and manage the activities that keep everything systematized and constant that are essential to building a profitable book of business.

Topics Covered in This Course Includes

  • How to Connect & Establish Rapport with Clients Quickly
  • How to Handle Hidden Objections & Unresponsive Clients
  • How to Automate the Short & Long Term Follow Up Process
  • How to Categorize Clients for the Right Follow Up Strategy

What You Can Expect

  • This course is self-paced.
  • This course may contain lessons that include a series of topics.
  • All topics must be completed before moving on to the next lesson.
  • Email notification will be sent when next lessons are accessible.
  • Upon successful completion of the entire course, the professional will receive a course badge, a certificate of completion, and CEU credits towards annual recertification.


Purchase individual license for one, or multiple licenses to train an entire team. Group training comes with a management dashboard to monitor the team’s progress and performance.

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